Students Say Thanks

Thank you, alumnae, for making Mount Holyoke a better place! Although the Mount Holyoke experience has changed over the decades, the sense of community, support, and love has remained constant since 1837. Every year thousands of alumnae give back to Mount Holyoke to help pay it forward and support new generations of students. These gifts resonate deeply within our community. Read first-hand what students, alumnae, faculty and staff have to share here.

Scarlett Montenegro 14

There truly is no place like “Mohome” and I am so grateful to have professors who actually care about me and what I have to say. The class experience I get at MHC and whatr I learn not just from my professors but from the intelligent women around me is a one of a kind experience.
– Scarlett Montenegro 14

Ashley Bair '15

It is often the smallest traditions that form a strong community. Everything from M&C’s to Pangy Day would not be possible without alumnae support. We women of Mount Holyoke College will be forever indebted to our predecessors. Thank you for all the support.
– Ashley Bair 15

Ester Yang 15

Thank you for your contributions to Mount Holyoke College. You help support young women aspiring to relay the Colleges mission statement to be uncommon women. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend Mount Holyoke.
– Ester Yang 15

Callie Renner 14

It is only through the generosity of donors like you that I have the privilege of attending MHC. I am very much looking forward to seeing where my Mount Holyoke education takes me. I hope that I will be in the position some dat to help students like myself start their journey. I will remember you and your generous support when that time comes.
– Callie Renner 14

Hiwote Akalu '14

My stay at MHC has proved to be educational and rewarding on all fronts. In addition to the high quality education, I have also had countless opportunities to learn new things about my passion and chart a new career plan. Thank you for your generosity that has afforded me my MHC experience.
– Hiwote Akalu ’14

Samantha Doolittle '14

Graduating with a degree from Mount Holyoke is a tremendous honor, and I will always remember my time here fondly. Thank you for support my academic endeavors so generously. I promise you I have made the absolute most of the Mount Holyoke experience.
– Samantha Doolittle ’14

Carla Tamayo 14

I applaud you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this wonderful institution I like to call my second home. It has changed my life in more ways than one, and made the path to my future clearer and brighter.
– Carla Tamayo ’14

Mira Kelly-Fair '17

Thank you for funding sports teams! I am on crew and it would not be possible without your finds that grant us boats, oars, and travelling expenses. Thank you so very much for making my Mount Holyoke experience unforgettable.
– Mira Kelly-Fair ’17

Cindy Yao 15

My time at Mount Holyoke has been so wonderful and enriching. The positive resources at Mount Holyoke are only available to me because of your kind support, so my gratitude for all the amazing experiences extends directly to you. Thank you for taking an important role in my education.
– Cindy Yao ’15

Cassidy Anthony '17

Thank you for all you are and all you’ve done. Because of you, MHC women are still making their names known and standing up for themselves, and women alike. You have paved the way for us, and we are proudly blazing your trails.
– Cassidy Anthony ’17

Anita Haidary ’14

Thank you for leaving great inspiration behind… I want to do the same.
– Anita Haidary ’14

Frankline Mardi 16

Thank you for being such a great support system for MHC. Thank you for being there when we need you guys the most! Thank you for making the world a bit less scary knowing we have such amazing sisters all over the place!
– Frankline Mardi ’16

Emily Fariel 16

Thank you for your contribution. Your support means that I can continue to experience and pursue all that this incredible institution has to offer, from the things I already know I love to those I have yet to discover.
– Emily Fariel ’16

– Mehnaz Ali

The more I get involved in the school and especially the sciences here, the more I realize just how much your support makes so many of my great experiences possible. I really appreciate the spirit of paying your education forward that your contribution represents and hope to be able to contribute similarly some day. Thank you so much! – Mehnaz Ali


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