Maimuna Ahmad ’09, Founder and CEO, Teach for Bangladesh

Maimuna Ahmad 09Maimuna Ahmad’s ’09 post-MHC experience with Teach for America led her to found Teach for Bangladesh.

From the Dhaka Tribune:

“I grew up between Bangladesh and United States. As a child in Dhaka, I was very cognisant of the disparity between my own privileged education and opportunities compared to other children. When I was a senior at Mount Holyoke College I met a recruiter from Teach for America (TFA) who spoke to me about the same issue of educational disparity in the United States. TFA is an organisation that recruits top graduates and takes them to teach in low-income schools across the United States. After much soul-searching, I applied to and was accepted to TFA, becoming a secondary-school math teacher in Washington D.C. My experience in the classroom changed me profoundly. When I finished teaching, I returned to Bangladesh, and began the journey that led me to founding what is now Teach for Bangladesh.”

Read the full story


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