Why is your gift through The Mount Holyoke Fund so important?

Why is your gift through The Mount Holyoke Fund so important? Because, when you give to MHC, you invest in the future of our world. You invest in the faculty, the ideas and innovation, and in a culture that encourages women to ask the big questions and supports them in finding the answers. The reality is that women outnumber men in the workforce and in higher education, and we control 60% of the wealth. And despite our ever-growing numbers, we continue to face many of the same challenges that have held women back for decades. Statistics show, however, that students who choose women’s colleges are better prepared to overcome these challenges. Mount Holyoke prepares women to become leaders in their communities. Whether through picking up someone else’s trash, helping to restore the wetlands, or fighting for racial equality, MHC women are ready to make the world a better place.


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