Cally Guasti ’13 Finds $40,000 in Old Couch

Cally Guasti and roommates You know how it is: you’re young, you share an apartment, and you need something to sit on.  So you do what Cally Guasti ’13 (pictured, center) and her roommates did—buy a used couch at a thrift store.

Their $20 turned out to be incredibly well-spent, since the couch turned out to have $40,000 hidden inside it.

Dreams about spending the windfall swam in their heads, but then they found an envelope with a woman’s name on it. All three roommates agreed they had to return the money to its rightful owner, who turned out to be a 91-year-old widow whose children had donated the old couch while she was in the hospital.

The trio found the woman, returned the cash—her life’s savings—and the grateful widow gave the students $1,000 reward for their honesty.

The tale of good fortune and good ethics garnered national and international media coverage. Here’s a sampling.


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